General Information


The climate in the council is warm and temperate. Llanes is a council with significant rainfall. The annual average temperature is of 14.3ºC, being the average temperature in the month of April around the 13ºC, with a minimum temperature around the 9ºC and a maximum one of about 16ºC.

Security and environment

All runners must choose an appropriate route for their physical and technical level. The importance of a good choice in the case of minors and in the OPEN categories is even greater.

The runners, with their registration to the test, assume the risks inherent in the orientation courses on foot.

In the tests it is totally forbidden to leave any type of residue.

The sprint race passes through the town of Llanes. At this time, the number of tourists in the area is considerable, so we ask respect for all those pedestrians that we meet. Please take extreme precautions both in the alleys and when turning the corners.

It will be necessary to cross streets open to traffic. Extreme caution in the crossing of these with the possible vehicles.

The obligatory nature of respecting the garden areas and the street furniture, as well as the private properties is remembered.

SportIdent system

The SportIdent System will be used as a method of time control in all races. Therefore, the card number S.I. which will be used in the tests or request the rental of the same when the registration is made.

The rental of the card will entail an associated cost of € 2 if it is SI8 and € 3 for SI9 to SI11 or SIAC per participant and day, plus € 60 of deposit that will be reimbursed when the card is returned to the organization.

It is the responsibility of the runners to verify that the pin number that appears in the lists and in the number is correct. In the case of detecting any error in this regard, the organization must be informed immediately.

The change of the clip number outside the registration period will have an associated cost of € 3, increasing to € 5 in the case of requesting it at the time of download.