Long, Middle and Sprint Classes

Valid for Spanish and Regional League and II Trofeo Pueblos Blancos
ClassAgeSpanish Championship
U-10Born in 2009 and after (mixed class)Yes
M/F-12Born in 2007 and afterYes
M/F-14Born in 2005 and afterYes
M/F-16/18Born in 2001 and afterNo
M/F-16EBorn in 2003 and afterYes
M/F-18EBorn in 2001 and afterYes
M/F-20EBorn in 1999 and afterYes
M/F-21ANo age limitNo
M/F-21BNo age limitNo
M/F-EElite, no age limitYes
M/F-35ABorn in 1984 and beforeYes
M/F-35BBorn in 1984 and beforeNo
M/F-40Born in 1979 and beforeYes
M/F-45Born in 1974 and beforeYes
M/F-50Born in 1969 and beforeYes
M/F-55Born in 1964 and beforeYes
M/F-60Born in 1959 and beforeYes
M/F-65Born in 1954 and beforeYes
M/F-70Born in 1949 and beforeYes

Open Classes Long, Middle and Sprint

Only valid for II Trofeo Pueblos Blancos
Open Amarillo/YellowVery easy and short. Under 12's.
Open Naranja/OrangeEasy and short
Open Rojo/RedMedium difficulty and medium distance
Open Negro/BlackMedium to high difficulty and long distance

Mixed Sprint Relays Classes

ClassAgeSpanish Championship
AlevínBorn in 2007 and afterNo
InfantilBorn in 2005 and afterYes
CadeteBorn in 2003 and afterYes
JuniorBorn in 1999 and afterYes
SeniorNo age limitYes
Veteranos ABorn in 1984 and beforeYes
Veteranos BBorn in 1974 and beforeYes
Veteranos CBorn in 1964 and beforeYes
OpenNo age limitNo