Competition, maps and terrain

CEO Long Distance

Map: Benamahoma
Course Planner: Vicente López Sánchez
Map maker(s): José Batista (POR) and Rui Antunes (POR)
Base Map: José Manuel Gálvez Flores, RescNav (ESP)
Description of the terrain: Highly degraded limestone terrain with moderate to steep slopes. Areas of growth and rocks which on several occasions will slow progress.
Special features: Given the extensive plant cover, the slope and the abundance of rocky areas, route choices will be decisive in the results of the competition. The distances and climb, when published, may seem short, but the spread of times resulting from errors in route choice will be high.

CEO Mixed Relay

Map: Arcos de la Frontera (zona baja)
Course Planner: Juan Vila Ramiro
Map maker: Manu Jurado (ESP)
Description of the terrain: The Barrio Bajo district of Arcos de la Frontera is close to the river Guadalete. It is mostly flat although there will be a few controls in the race at the base of the steep hill to the upper district.
Special features: As this is part of the town is fairly flat, the race will be fast to very fast. Nevertheless, the abundance of similar elements added to the speed of the race may lead to errors which will mark the differences between runners of similar levels. A few courses will have 2-3 controls with steep climb.

Sprint WRE

Map: Arcos de la Frontera (zona alta, old quarter)
Course Planners: Pepe Álvarez Blanco and José Luis Rodríguez Súnico
Map maker: Manu Jurado (ESP)
Description of the terrain: The Barrio Alto district of Arcos was built during the Moslem reign. It is formed of narrow, winding and maze-like lanes. Very steep climb.
Special features: Given the steep gradients, the cartographer, Manu Jurado, requested permission to draw the maps with a 5 m contour interval. Utmost concentration and route choices which take into account the steep climb of Barrio Alto will be the defining factors of success.

Middle Distance

Map: Bornos
Course Planners: José Luis Rodríguez Súnico and Pepe Álvarez Blanco
Map maker: Juan Francisco Sánchez (ESP)
Description of the terrain: Varied terrain with a medium climb. There are farmed areas, woody zones, semi-open zones with an abundance of scrub and areas with isolated and linear details with rocks and crags.
Special features: The variety of elements on the map allows for an entertaining course with loops and precise orienteering. Running speed will be medium to high as although there are some climbs, these are not excessive. Precise reading of the vegetation (scrub) will be very important.