Camiseta CEO

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your souvenir T-shirt of this event!

Running t-shirt, with zip neckline, made by ULB. The price of the t-shirt is 19.90 €  and the deadline for orders is 30th September 2019. To order your t-shirt, just fill in this form and follow the payment instructions:…

Running Sleeves

CEO Cádiz running sleeves, for those winter competitions. One size only. A pair of sleeves costs 7 € and the DEADLINE for ordering is 11th October 2019. To order your sleeves just fill in the form below and follow the instructions for payment:…


Mugs with the exclusive CEO design if you want a small souvenir from our event. Each mug costs 5 € and the DEADLINE for orders is 11th October 2019. To reserve your mug just fill in the form below and follow the payment instructions:…

Carnival whistle/fridge magnet

This is a typical Cádiz carnival whistle and also a fridge magnet! You can find put more about the Cádiz Carnival here. You can buy them at 3 € each by filling out this form before 4th October 2019 and following the payment instructions:…

Payment and order validation

To confirm your order payment by bank transfer to the following account is necessary:

IBAN: ES34 2038 2972 3860 0022 9018

The reference should be: CEO t-shirt/sleeves/mug, Club, Name and Lastname. Your order will not be accepted until proof of payment has been sent to

All merchandising products will be available for collection at the event centre.

Al rellenar los formularios para solicitar productos de merchandising estamos recogiendo datos personales bajo la Protección de Datos Personales.